Updated: May, 12th 2018

The privacy of your data is very important to us. This document explains how your data is stored, where it is stored and whether it is stored securely.


My Cloud Solutions Limited (My Cloud Solutions) provides an online mobile Temporary Traffic Management software solution (MY TTM), that stores customer, employee, operational and financial information about your company as provided or entered by you.


At My Cloud Solutions we know that privacy is important to you and your customers. This privacy policy (the Privacy Policy) reflects our respect for your privacy rights and My Cloud Solutions is committed to ensuring the privacy of all your information.


This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information submitted by customers of the MY TTM solution on the My TTM website or the MY TTM web application. (together the My TTM Platform).

Personal information

In order to use the My TTM Platform, all customers will need to submit certain personal information such as their email address, name, location and time zone. Customers may be asked to submit further information from time to time as they continue to use the software.

Use of information and data

The personal information that customers provide will only be used in connection with the services offered by My Cloud Solutions, to communicate with customers in relation to the services or to co-operate with any government, industry or regulatory authorities.

My Cloud Solutions reserves the right to use data in relation to customers’ use of the services for marketing or business intelligence purposes. My Cloud Solutions staff can access usage information and transaction volumes in order to better understand how customers are using the MY TTM Platform so we can improve the system design, and where appropriate, provide suggestions on ways to improve their own use of the MY TTM Platform.


By accessing the MY TTM Platform, all customers consent to the collection, use, disclosure, storage and processing of their information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Disclosure of information

My Cloud Solutions will not disclose any customer’s personal information to any third party except where the disclosure relates to the purposes for which the information was collected (as stated in paragraph 4 above) unless expressly permitted to do so by the particular customer.

Access to and updates of information

Customers may request at any time to see the personal information that My Cloud Solutions holds on its behalf or to correct or update any personal information. Please email My Cloud Solutions Limited at [email protected] or [email protected]


My Cloud Solutions sends billing information, product information, newsletters and notifications to you via e-mail. Where appropriate e-mail or in platform communication will contain instructions describing how you can opt to be removed from the mailing list.

Storage of information

My Cloud Solutions will securely store customers’ personal information either in New Zealand or any other country that My Cloud Solutions may select from time to time to provide its services.


My Cloud Solutions may hold a customer’s personal information both before and after the cancellation of each customer’s account, but only for as long as My Cloud Solutions is lawfully entitled to do so.

Customers are responsible for understanding and implementing their data retention and deletion requirements related to the data they upload to the MY TTM Platform. Customers may delete their data at any time and primary instances of their data in production systems will be erased immediately, however, since the MY TTM Platform backups are kept for 6 months, it may take up to 6 months for their data to be completely purged from the MY TTM Platform backup systems after been deleted from their apps.

Deleted Records

Deleted records are moved to the MY TTM Platform’s Recycle Bin, kept there for 30 days and then purged automatically. Users are able to restore or purge records from Recycle Bin manually at any time within 30 days of the record being deleted by a User.

Expired MY TTM Platforms

A customer’s MY TTM Platform is considered ‘expired’ when either its trial period ends, or a MY TTM Platform paid subscription is cancelled, My Cloud Solutions blocks access to the expired MY TTM Platform. Expired paid MY TTM Platform’s are securely kept in locked stage until being deleted by a My Cloud Solutions administrator. Expired trial MY TTM Platform versions are deleted automatically within 90 days after expiration. My Cloud Solutions administrators are provided with all the means to delete a MY TTM Platform at any time, before or after its expiration.

Deleted MY TTM Platforms

MY TTM Platform’s that are deleted will disappear from users’ reach immediately and will be physically deleted from the global database within 30 days.

Data Backups and Disaster recovery

My Cloud Solutions backs up the MY TTM Platform data on an hourly basis. Since the data in the database is encrypted, backups are encrypted as well. Backup files and server logs are copied to a secure disaster recovery facility where they are kept for 6 months before being permanently deleted.

All types of data deleted from online databases (from individual records to whole databases) will reside in system backups for 6 months. It will not be restored back to production systems, except for in certain rare instances such as the need to recover from a natural disaster or serious security breach. In such cases, some of deleted data instances may be restored from backups, but The MY TTM Platform will immediately take all necessary steps to honor the initial request to delete and erase the primary instance of the data again.

The MY TTM Platform doesn’t utilize any type of removable media for backup storage, all backup files are stored on secure servers.

Changes to Privacy Policy

My Cloud Solutions Limited may amend or update this Privacy Policy from time to time, with or without notice to customers of My Cloud Solutions Limited. All customers agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy that is in effect at the time they access the My Cloud Solutions Limited website and/or use the software through a mobile device.

Terms of use

Use of the MY TTM Platform software is subject to My Cloud Solutions Limited’s Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with this.



The MY TTM Platform provided by My Cloud Solutions is hosted at SteadFast Networks’ 350 E Cermak, Chicago Data Center. This world-class data center provides complete 2N redundancy at Tier 3+ standards. Our software infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches.

Data Encryption

The MY TTM Platform encrypts the data over the wire via 256-bit (SHA2) TLS certificate, TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. Database is encrypted via AES256. File attachments are also encrypted via AES256.